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God's Circle

God’s Circle: Love, Birth, Death, Life After Death, Rebirth
God’s Circle: Love, Birth, Death, Life After Death, Rebirth

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Table of Contents
Preface 3



Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - What Is Life About? My Teen Years 13
Chapter 3 - My Life In Brief 31
Chapter 4 - Supernatural And Paranormal Book The Parker Family 63
Chapter 5 - Information From 2 Psychics 81
Chapter 6 - Quotes From Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Girzone and Adam 109
Chapter 7 - My Closing Thoughts 133
Foot Notes 149
Bibliography 151
Appendix 1 - Reviews Prior to Publishing God’s Circle 155

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Cover Page

The experiences and thoughts within this book are mainly my own but include those of family members as well as psychics. To obtain a better understanding of who I am as the author, I have included a 30-page biography of my life on how my own life's situations have affected my belief in what life is really about. I have also included a 19-page essay of what life is about that I wrote when I was 19 years old. Also included is extensive information from 2 psychics, extracts from select authors and information from one of my previously written books, “Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences, 5 Typical And Related Families,” co-authored by my editor Hélène Pépin Thomas. All of these helped to answer for me what life is really about.

I feel that all people at one time or another throughout their lives ask the question, “What is life about?” Unfortunately, I have come to understand that we cannot learn the answer to this in just one lifetime. There is just too much to learn in our physical world and only so much that we can learn or attempt to learn of the spiritual world.

I recently learned that I have a spirit guide named Martin. I now realize that he has been a great influence in my life and that he has helped bring me to the place where I can now complete this book that I so desperately wanted to write. I feel that my life's destiny is to write this book in order to help others understand what life is really all about. Should my book start you down the road to giving serious thought to this then I will have achieved my purpose.

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The idea for this book started when I was very young. Throughout my teenage years, I felt compelled to read extensively on religion and the supernatural. This resulted in my writing a 19-page essay at the age of 19. The essay highlighted my thoughts over several years of contemplating what life was all about. When I read this essay today, I marvel at my thoughts of the time. They seem to be more advanced than what would be expected from a typical 19-year old teenager. The unusual aspect to my essay is that I don't exactly remember writing it.

When my editor, Hélène, and I worked on our book ‘Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences 5 Typical And Related Families', the events in our lives and our family's lives confirmed for us that there is a spiritual force involved in our lives. Over the past 2 years, I have read other books and researched psychic events. These have helped to firm up my original beliefs. I was surprised to find that my original beliefs have not significantly changed over the past 55 years since I wrote the essay.

The main activity that further motivated me to write this book occurred on March 1st 2008. At that time, I read an article in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner written by Laverne Stewart on the life of a new local psychic, Suzanne Riley, who recently moved to Fredericton from Alberta . After reading the article I was prompted to call her, so I did.

When sharing this information with my editor and co-author, Hélène, she was interested in the prospect of a new book and once again agreed to edit it in detail. My wish for you the reader is to examine your life and just maybe come to a better realization of what life is all about.

I believe that the following along with my current thoughts are very similar to what I concluded as a teenager:

  1. There is a God who is the creator of the universe and everything in it. We can never fully understand God;
  2. Our soul is indestructible and it exists for an eternity;
  3. We live many lives and our soul passes from this world to a spiritual world and then back to this world in a new body and often at a new earthly location. The soul carries the information from all of our past lives;
  4. With each life, we have freewill but there is a purpose to each life. God wants us to learn from it and carry this into our future lives;
  5. The end result of our lives is to evolve our soul by understanding that like God, love, is the end result;
  6. Heaven is on this earth and we can experience it now. Eventually, all humans will experience heaven with the elimination or control of ego that is the source of evil. Hell is also an earthly condition for those who are trapped in their ego. With future lives, they have a chance to evolve and become heavenly persons after death and rebirth;
  7. There is a spirit world. It is a temporary resting place until we move on to our next life on this earth. The exact role of the spirit world remains a difficult question to answer. There is much conflicting information available on this subject. I believe there is some control of our individual life's events from highly evolved souls;
  8. If we examine our lives and our family's lives carefully, we can easily find instances that provide support for the ideas expressed in this book.

In doing the research for our Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences book, Hélène and I had to obtain the deepest and innermost thoughts as well as very personal experiences that we, or our family members, would not normally talk about. We soon realized that if we are to have an understanding of where we are going after death, we had to know how and why we got to where we are today. So many times in my own life, I could have gone off in very different and yes scary directions and I now say to myself, “There but for the grace of God go I”.

Having read our Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences book, though not necessary, may help you better understand how and why I came to write this book. Over the years, I have come to accept that there are many gifts that each one of us possesses. Many have special spiritual gifts related to the understanding of the supernatural and the spirit world. There are just too many with these gifts for them to all be considered frauds.

When reading this book and the others referenced, try to keep an open mind and look for those things that you can relate to in your life. If you look very carefully at your own life and your family members lives you may be able to better understand what life is all about. If, however, you are not able to keep an open mind when looking within yourself for this assurance then this book or any other book will not do anything for you.

In his book ‘A New Earth', Eckhart Tolle states this very well in a couple of short quotes. “This book is about you. It will change your state of consciousness or it will be meaningless. It can only awaken those who are ready. Not everyone is ready yet, but many are, and each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows, and it becomes easier for others. If you don't know what awakening means, read on.”

Eckhart continues, “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.”

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Having reached this chapter, you have probably decided to continue reading why it is I believe what I have already outlined in the Preface. Had you felt the Preface to be a lot of nonsense, you would have discarded this book by now. I am now faced with the challenge of getting you to read my complete book. Only by reading the total information can you form an opinion of what to believe.

I have wrestled for some time with this introduction to make you want to read on. For many months, I could not come up with the answer. I now feel that the question this book asks is, “How best can we evolve our lives to where God wants us to go?” The answer was given to me in a dream. Upon waking from my dream, I immediately got up and wrote this chapter, as I knew this was the introduction I had been searching for.

My dreams are normally not very real and often very disjointed. This dream, however, was very clear and I remembered it in its entirety. In my dream, I was struggling with what I could do to best help others. There were several people discussing this topic with me, the objective being to help me make that decision. In my dream, there were several possibilities that I thought would be suggested to me. After a long period of discussion, the leader of the group hinted at several possibilities but did not make a clear statement of what he wanted me to do. Finally in exasperation I said, “Just tell me what you want me to do!” The answer stunned me for several minutes. The leader said that he wanted me to go to work for a local motel chain. I could not believe that this was what I was meant to do! After a few minutes of careful thought, I responded, “Do I have full authority to do whatever I want while employed with that company?”

The answer was “Yes”. In a flash I realized what I could do with the resources of the company. I would have the freedom to hire those less fortunate who want to work but are considered unemployable for many reasons. The work done by Pat Carlson in Fredericton with her non-profit company, ‘Changes’, immediately came to mind. I thought of all the good I could do by using her approach in hiring people and training them how to work. Pat arrived at her decision after many years of working as Director of the Fredericton Homeless Shelter. She saw that many of her clients had so much potential but nobody would give them a chance at a new start with a new job. With lots of volunteer help and donations of goods and money, she opened a store selling good quality donated clothing and small household items. She then established a program selecting and training people to work in her store. After a 3 to 6 month trial program, all of her clients went on to work for other companies having received training and confidence from working in Pat’s store. Her store has been in operation for several years and is a successful and ongoing enterprise.

As my dream continued, I realized that with the authority to hire, I like Pat, could hire and train people that no one else would hire. With this position, I would not only be working for the good of the company, I would also be helping many people in many different ways. My mind immediately flooded with ideas of how I would bring this about for the benefit of all. Not only the people who worked in the motel chain but also the customers who stayed in the motel.

The point of this dream and my desire for all of you is to first recognize the awakening of your true self that is within your soul and to know of God’s desire for you to evolve your soul. This is probably not obvious to you. Like Jesus taught us, giving of oneself in the service of others, in showing them love, can work wonders in you and in their lives also. We all have this power to some degree. Some have more potential to help than others but we all can help in some small way.

In the following chapters, I will outline how my life’s journey has been preparing me to not only write this book but to also work towards evolving my soul to help others. As the saying goes, ‘Easy to say but very difficult to do’. I will be introducing what I consider to be significant information from other authors also psychics that support my beliefs. I hope that my experiences and those of my extended family can help you to take a look at your life and see that you have a parallel to what we have experienced. You don’t have to look any further for proof than within yourself in your own backyard.

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Chapter 3, My Life In Brief, an extract

To understand my perspective on what I have learned during my 74 years of living this life, you have to know my innermost thoughts and experiences in life. Like most, I find it difficult to be completely open about everything in my life and there are some things that are just too painful to expose. However, I have attempted to be as open and honest as possible.

Upon reviewing my life, I found that there were many experiences that could have taken me down different roads. Some of those might have led to disaster or to completely different life experiences. As I unfold my life, I will try to illustrate those that are, in my opinion, significant. I now feel that spiritual intervention took control of my life and took me down the road I was meant to travel.

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Chapter 4, Supernatural And Paranormal Book, an extract

To understand the scope of the supernatural and paranormal experiences within most families, and possibly even the reader, I have included below, Chapter 1, the complete introduction from my book that Hélène co-authored along with me, ‘Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences, 5 Typical And Related Families’. I think an understanding of these types of experiences is an important step in accepting that there is in fact a spiritual world that many do understand. To assist the reader, I have summarized some of the information from The Parker Family. In preparing this summary, I selected only a few experiences from some of the family members. My objective is to give the reader an indication of the types of experiences found in my family and I’m convinced in most families also. These will provide you with perspective for the type of information that I’m sure you would find in your own families. There are those who do not wish to disclose what has happened to them for others may think they are crazy. Be assured that these same experiences happen to many people all over the world and should be spoken of openly. For complete details on The Parker Family and our other 4 families, you would have to obtain a copy of, ‘Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences, 5 Typical And Related Families’.

For the Parker family, there are a total of 51 family members. While most of them were contacted or made aware of the book being prepared, only 23 claimed to have supernatural or paranormal experiences. Of the people not providing information, 8 had passed on and 20 did not wish to provide information or did not offer to provide information. Only 1 of our family members contacted directly (my son) was not aware of having had any supernatural or paranormal experiences. The total number of supernatural and paranormal experiences for the Parker family is 86. There were 37 supernatural experiences and 49 paranormal experiences. For more details see page 67, Summary of Parker Family experiences.

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Chapter 5, Information From 2 Psychics, an extract

For many years, I have been very interested in what psychics could tell me about my future and about what life is all about. While this began with the use of the Ouija board when I was a teenager, I started using it again when my wife and I were living in Arvida, Quebec. This was just done for fun but it awakened me to the fact that there is more to this than meets the eye. My most serious interest in what life was about using psychics was after my wife was injured in a motor vehicle accident in 1991. It seemed like she would never get better. As my mother had psychic experiences and abilities, I hoped that by talking with several psychics I could obtain information about Eileen’s condition and my future.

I had several psychic readings about 12 years ago in Halifax and a couple later on in Fredericton. These were at psychic fairs. There were no formal plans for my readings, I basically just allowed each psychic to tell me what they saw. One thing that really stood out were the predictions that I would become a writer, publish books and have my books in the National Library. At the time, I really laughed at the thought of becoming a writer and publishing books, but all that came to pass. I now have 8 books in the National Library in Ottawa and this book will be my 9th.

Having completed the book that Hélène and I co-authored together, ‘Supernatural And Paranormal Experiences, 5 Typical And Related Families”, I felt a strong need to take this subject to the next level. My objective was to have several psychics provide me with insight into the spirit world and especially about life after death. Over the years, I have read many books on this subject, with some going so far as to say they had all the answers. I’ve always had some degree of skepticism about what the authors had to say. There always seemed to be something missing and they were not always easy to read. Often times they did not make sense and were not logical. I was looking for something that was simple to understand and something that people could relate to from their own life’s experiences.

I strongly feel that my life’s objective is to write such a book. I hoped to make contact with psychics whom I could relate to and whom I could work with from my home without having to do formal readings at their places of residence. My wife is not well and it would be difficult for me to do this. My first opportunity for a telephone reading happened on March 1st, 2008, after I read an article in the Daily Gleaner by Laverne Stewart about a psychic named Suzanne Riley. After reading the article, I had very strong feelings about calling her to find out if the way that I hoped the readings could be done would be possible. After contacting Suzanne, arrangements were made for my first telephone reading with her.

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Chapter 6, Quotes From Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Girzone
and Adam, an extract

In addition to contacting several psychics, I was searching for several good books that would help crystallize my thinking of the past 60 years. In this chapter, I am presenting material from three other authors. My search for what to read and include in this book came about from what I feel is intervention of the spirit world in my life. I had no formal search plan in mind. While I had no exact plans on what to read, I listened carefully to several programs and through these programs, two books came to my attention. It was as if I was meant to read them, so I purchased them and read them very carefully.

The first book is titled, ‘A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose’, by Eckhart Tolle. This book is of particular interest to me because I now feel after having read his book that I had an awakening as a teenager. I began my search to find out what life is about and tried to better define it for not only myself but for others as well.

The second book that interested me is titled, ‘My Struggle With Faith’ by Joseph Girzone. This book was of interest especially as it relates to the question of the existence of God. While Joseph Girzone does not address the spirit world, I found his thoughts on God and the universe very enlightening and in agreement with most of my thoughts and those of other authors also.

In addition to the above two books, I had an unusual experience which led me to read 4 additional books by a young spiritual healer named, Adam. His books deal mainly with the power of self-healing and the healing of others. However, his third book, ‘The Path Of The Dreamhealer The Quantum World Of Energy Healing’ has provided me with simple scientific explanations for the creation of the universe. His concepts of how the universe came about, also the spirit world, life after death, reincarnation and karma (how our past lives affect our current life), were also very simply and scientifically explained by Adam.

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Chapter 7, My Closing Thoughts, extracts

When you read this book and the books referenced, try to keep an open mind and look for those things that you can relate to in your own life. If you look very carefully at your life and your family’s lives, you may be able to better understand what life is about. If, however, you are not able to keep an open mind as you look within yourself for this assurance, then this book or any other will not do much for you.

Eckhart Tolle says this very well in a couple of short quotes referring to his book, ‘A New Earth,’ as follows: “This book is about you. It will change your state of consciousness or it will be meaningless. It can only awaken those who are ready. Not everyone is ready yet, but many are, and each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows, and it becomes easier for others. If you don’t know what awakening means, read on.

Eckhart continues, “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.”

My final thought is that if the awakening happens for you, then you are ready to move on to a heavenly experience either in this life or in a future life. My prayer is that this book will help you move towards the awakening of your soul and give you comfort in knowing that there is more to life than this one crazy existence. God bless you for at least considering the material in this book, as we are all a part of ‘God’s Circle’.

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